Moving House


Moving is not as scary as it sounds. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Begin packing items and start separating and disposing unwanted items.

  • Make a layout floor plan and decide where you want your furnitures and appliances placed.

  • Indicate the cartons for individual rooms for easy unpacking.

  • Apply moving in and out permit to schedule your delivery especially those living in condo-units that will help you save a lot of times.

  • If your new home is not ready. Let us know in advance and we will fix another date for you.

  • Plan to be present when the movers deliver and collect your items.

  • Make cartons for fragile items clearly and inform movers to be careful.

  • Before you start packing your items in the box, ensure that the bottom of the boxes are well taped to hold the contents.

  • Masking tapes are not recommended as the packing tape because it is easy tear off. The best type of tape to use is plastic of a width approximately 1.5 to 2 inches.

  • Never pack the boxes too heavy such that they cannot be lifted safely. Try to balance the weight by packing heavy items with some light bulky items such as linen, cushions or soft toys. Keep each box below 20kg.

  • Carry all important documents and valuables with you to avoid unnecessary disputes.